Daniel Paquet - Photographer

Originally from Quebec City, Daniel Paquet is an active photographer in Saskatchewan. He works mainly in portraits and landscapes. He explores the nuances between image and reality while maintaining their simplicity and aesthetic.

The portrait takes an essential place in his creations. He is currently working on a long process creation entitled “the box” which involve an intimate creation of portraits. This setup also helps in linking all the portraits together in a coherent collection.

His development of the portrait thematic includes shooting live events on stage and backstage. He regularly photographs musical and dance events. In 2015, he became the Photographer in residence with New Dance Horizon and the photographer for the Regina Symphony Orchestra.

Daniel Paquet's works with landscape take the form of human geography exploration. He does street photography as well as nature landscape. He photographed many varied locations such as Uranium City, Roche Percée, London and Nazareth.

His work has been exposed on many occasion in both Saskatchewan and Québec. Over the years, his photographs have been published in several publications and new media platforms. He has photographed many artists for their promotional material and CDs. Additionally, many of his photographs have illustrated tourist guides and campaigns.

Daniel Paquet studied computer science at Université Laval. He has worked on web and multimedia since 1995, when he initiated the first online press conference in Canada for Amnesty International. Since, he has lead the technical and graphic development of more than 150 web projects. He is regularly invited to publish short texts in La Presse.


2016 New Dance Horizon - Diaporama of the saison 2015-16 (Solo)
2015 New Dance Horizon - Multidisciplinary work mixing Dance performance and Photoshoot: ”In a box of a photoshoot', with Robin Poitras (Team)
2014 Conseil culturel fransaskois (CCF) – twelve backstage photographs printed on metal for the 40th anniversary of the CCF (Solo)
2014 Saskatchewan Network for Art Collecting – Saskatchewan Winter Photographs (Collectif)
2013 Saskatchewan Network for Art Collecting – Street photographs in the Cathedral area in Regina (Collectif)
2013 Conseil culturel fransaskois – Joe Fafard's photographs for a permanent art gallerie (Solo)
2012 Culture Days – Larges prints of rodeo photographs exposed at Ponteix
2010 Radio-Canada - North Central – Selection of fourteen photographs of North Central, Regina, for a documentary (Solo)
2010 Prix de la Fransaske – Set of seven photographs of French Saskatchewan villages used as the Fransaske Award 2010. (Solo)
2008 Centre de la francophonie des Amériques, Québec City - Selection of thirteen photographs about francophonie in Saskachewan. (Collectif)


2008-18 Various Medias: À ciel ouvert, Corus, Canoe, Encyclopédie du patrimoine culturel de l'Amérique française, L'Eau vive, La Presse, Le Devoir, Le Lundi, Le Monde, Leader Post, Le Figaro, L'actualité, Libération, Magazine Contact, Maclean's, Pearson - School books, Prairie Dog, Radio-Canada, Revue historique - Saskatchewan, TFO, The Globe and Mail, The Western Producer, Vue Weekly.


2015-18 New Dance Horizon - Photographer in residence for - Performances and artists for promotion, exposition and archives
2018 The House of Charlemagne - Two photos of The House of Chow Mein - University of Regina Press
2015-17 Regina Symphony Orchestra - Creation of featured photographs for the 2016-17 RSO program and promotional material
2015-17 Drop Zone, Easter Seals Canada - Live picture of rappelers for promotional material (official photo for the 2016 campain)
2015 Bev Zizzy – Photographs for CD cover and promotional material
2014 Annette Campagne – Photographs for CD covers and promotional material
2013 Fermières obsédées – Promotional and Press Files photographs
2013 Shawn Jobin – Photographs for CD cover and promotional material
2012 Conseil de la coopération de la Saskatchewan – Promotional photos for a Stand
2012 Fédération des aînés fransaskois – Photographs for video and promotional material
2012 Chorale Plaines de gospel – Photographs for the “Ô chanter” album and promotional material
2012 Nouvelle plume – Booklet cover
2011 Regina Regional Opportunities Commission – Promotional photos for some magazines and touristic booklet
2011 Chant'Ouest – Photos of the event
2011 Gala fransaskois – Photos of the event
2011 Société historique de la Saskatchewan – Cover photo for the magazine
2010 Gala fransaskois – Photos of the event
2009 Gala fransaskois – Photos of the event
2009 Société historique de la Saskatchewan – Cover photo for the magazine
2008 Chant'Ouest – Photos of the event
2008 Gala fransaskois – Photos of the event
2008 Annette Campagne – Photo for the album “You Gotta Laugh” and promotional material
2008 Société historique de la Saskatchewan – Cover photo for the magazine
2007 Coalition pour la promotion de la langue française – Promotional photos for the “Bonjour” campaign


2013-18 The Box - Study about the relationship between the model and the photographer
2017 Émilie penchée
2015 Twin Houses in Cathedral - Architecture photography in Regina
2011-17 Eves - Study on the representation the mother-lover duality
2013 Louis Riel - Photos of Guy Michaud interpreter of the title role in the play The Trial of Louis Riel
2013 Pandora's Box - Photos depicting the myth of the box Pendore
2013 Bellydancing in in the Plains - baladi dance shots in the plains
2013 Yes You Can Theatre's 'Beauty and the Beast' - entertainment scene Photos by students in the special education program at Campbell Collegiate
2012 100 Fransaskois - Photos hundred Fransaskois posing in front of their home showing their face and their environment
2012 7 lieux de mémoire française - Photos seven places meadows still carrying their first French-sounding name.
2011 Montreal Contrast - A series of six pictures taken in Montreal street. The high color saturation and abrupt contrast of colors highlight the characters that hide or traverse six tables.
2011 Marie-Noëlle Flutist - photographs Presentation of the first flute of the Regina Symphony Orchestra in the plains and in contrast in an abandoned schoolhouse.
2008 Joe Fafard - Presentation and photographic portraits of Joe Fafard working in his studio in Deer Valley.
2008 1st Avenue - Series of 15 photos inspired extract from Jean-Charles Harvey's “The semi-civilized”

Press reviews, Grants, Judges and Workshops

2018 Radio-Canada - Press Review - Pour faire un monde - Champs de culture
2015 Study of Egon Schiele's nudes and landscapes (Vienna)
2014 Mathieu College - Jury - Photo Contest
2013 Saskatchewan Arts Board - Jury - ArtsSmarts Grant
2013 Radio-Canada - Press Review - C'est ça la vie - Report on the Project 100 fransaskois
2013 Conseil Conseil Fransaskois - Grant - Banff workshop
2012 Saskatchewan Arts Board - Grant for the 7 French memorials project
2012 Saskatchewan Arts Board - Grant for the 100 Fransaskois project
2012 Saskatchewan Arts Board - Article about the artist and the project places 7 in the Annual Report
2012 Radio-Canada - Jour de plaine - Interview about the artist and the project 100 fransaskois
2012 Eau vive - Documentary about the artist
2011 Conseil de la Coopération de la Saskatchewan - Social Media Workshop
2009 Association Jeunesse Fransaskoise - Workshop on Technical and photographic composition


Comment la photographie devient-elle art? Quand cesse-t-elle d'être un médium?? A-t-elle vraiment transformé l'art graphique en le libérant de la représentation du réel?? Je ne peins pas, je ne sculpte pas. Je ne danse pas. J'essaie juste de cliquer au moment décisif depuis le bon point de vue.