Daniel Paquet - Photographer

Originally from Quebec City, Daniel Paquet is an active photographer in Saskatchewan. He works mainly in portraits and landscapes. He explores the nuances between image and reality while maintaining their simplicity and aesthetic.

The portrait takes an essential place in his creations. He is currently working on a long process creation entitled “the box” which involve an intimate creation of portraits. This setup also helps in linking all the portraits together in a coherent collection.

His development of the portrait thematic includes shooting live events on stage and backstage. He regularly photographs musical and dance events. In 2015, he became the Photographer in residence with New Dance Horizon and the photographer for the Regina Symphony Orchestra.

Daniel Paquet's works with landscape take the form of human geography exploration. He does street photography as well as nature landscape. He photographed many varied locations such as Uranium City, Roche Percée, London and Nazareth.

His work has been exposed on many occasion in both Saskatchewan and Québec. Over the years, his photographs have been published in several publications and new media platforms. He has photographed many artists for their promotional material and CDs. Additionally, many of his photographs have illustrated tourist guides and campaigns.

Daniel Paquet studied computer science at Université Laval. He has worked on web and multimedia since 1995, when he initiated the first online press conference in Canada for Amnesty International. Since, he has lead the technical and graphic development of more than 150 web projects. He is regularly invited to publish short texts in La Presse.


Daniel Paquet

3030 Victoria Ave.
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4T 1K9