Projects & Practices


Development of the portrait thematic includes shooting live events on stage and backstage.

Since 2015, Photographer in residence with New Dance Horizon.


Work with landscape take the form of human geography exploration, in many varied locations such as Uranium City, Roche Percée, London and Nazareth with an important focus for the Saskatchewan landscape.

Free Portraits

Abstract: The portrait is a classic practice in photography. The concept is not to reinvent but to instead create images in a free mode or fashion. One or more simple ideas serve as a base for the session. Here, input from the model is essential.

At the time of the session, it's not always necessary to respect and focus on the pre-planned ideas. The scenery, weather, mood, etc. at the site should have the opportunity to be fully exploited. This approach may seem untidy, but it allows for explorations that wouldn't be possible otherwise.

Corpus A(mygdaloideum)

Abstract: The brain deals with fear and its effects in several ways. . The first and most interesting is unconscious and very fast. It is a function of the amygdala (brain) and the limbic system. This process identifies in particular with the eyes, the mouth, and the hands to judge danger and its intentions.

The photos made here attempt to circumvent this process by hiding the face and hands, while adopting unbalanced poses in incoherent settings.

This is Not a Nude

Abstract: Nudity and sex in art have always created polemics. Even today, after the sexual revolution of the sixties, a new Victorianism attempts to force the representations of the human body so that they respect an arbitrary good taste. The rules of Facebook are the most recent manifestation of this neo-puritanism, but they are not the only manifestation.

The censorship of a nude portrait, without any sexual connotation, but the acceptance of a highly sexualized portrait if it is veiled or barely masked is a clear demonstration of the inconsistency of this arbitrary good taste.

This project is a snub to this neo-Puritanism playing with Magritte's ideas: The Betrayal of Images ('This is not a pipe') and Two Mysteries. The representation of a naked body, in drawing, literature or photo for example, is not a naked body.


Abstract: The portrait is a classic practice in photography, which makes it difficult to do in an original way. The 'amuse / entertain / seduce' notion (Newton), and the counter-trust-confidence notion (Leibovitch), are both valid and inspiring approaches of valuable photographers. If we go back to the sources, the portrait should present the subject in a way that is not only interesting from an aesthetic point of view, but also true in the expression of the model.

The Box uses a voluntary approach that is both destabilizing and safe for the model. It also allows for linking the portraits of different models in a coherent collection.


Abstract: The prairies offer uniform landscapes that are punctuated only by scattered elements: a line of trees, pebbles, roads, flows. The idea here is to photograph a bare landscape and add a human body, like a big pebble, in the simplest possible way.

A variant is to 'fly' the body instead of laying it on the ground.

This concept is prior to the concept of 'Amydala' however, they both share the idea of presenting the body without its most instinctively legible attributes. (face, limbs)


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